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Our History

Ungerboeck Is Now Momentus Technologies

As a technology pioneer in the events industry, we have been driving innovation for more than 35 years. Today, we are the world’s leading venue and event management platform.

Dieter and Cathy Ungerboeck

Ungerboeck Systems Inc. Is Founded

A young couple, Catherine and Dieter Ungerboeck, founded the company as a small startup in Chesterfield, Missouri. At the time, the company was building custom solutions for the process manufacturing industry. The small team was led by Dieter Ungerboeck, in charge of customer relationships, and his wife Catherine, who was leading the development of the software. 

EBMS Event Management Software

The First Venue and Event Management System

Ungerboeck Systems Inc. received a request from the St.Louis Convention and Visitor Bureau and Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau to build a custom solution for venue and event management. Following the advice of IBM, a business partner at the time, Ungerboeck took on the two projects and secured ownership of the code created. The software was named EBMS, which stands for Event Business Management Software. The company has kept on improving the platform to answer the needs of the venue and events industry ever since.

Ungerboeck Software International

The Rebrand to Ungerboeck Software International

The company then completely revamped the user experience of its venue and event management software. With the release of its browser-based Version 20, the company rebranded to Ungerboeck Software International and the software name became Ungerboeck software. The shift towards browser-based software and increased usability was an important milestone in our history.


The Birth of Customer-centric Software

Ungerboeck Software International rebrands to Ungerboeck as the company worked on major software releases to significantly elevate its customers' experiences. Focusing on mobility, agility and connectivity, Ungerboeck was building solutions needed in tomorrow’s world.  Innovative mobile solutions allowed for increased productivity and real-time information gave users the power to be more customer-centric than ever before.

May 2021

The Merger of Ungerboeck and EventBooking

Ungerboeck merged with EventBooking, a software provider of event and venue management tools, to offer customers an integrated set of capabilities that further enhanced its world-class solutions. It was a strategy to expedite technology enhancements and accelerate innovation, while continuing the focus on customer success.

ShoWorks and Priava
November 2021

Ungerboeck Acquires ShoWorks and Priava

Ungerboeck acquired both ShoWorks and Priava. ShoWorks was a technology system used by 75% of all fairs in North America to manage exhibits and competition entries and Priava was a cloud-based venue and event management system with strong representation in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Unifying the brands offered world-class development and expert support for all customers.

Risk Sense Risk Manager

Ungerboeck Acquires Risk Management Tool

Ungerboeck acquired the products developed by risk management agency Reliance Risk to debut an industry-first application for mitigating risk to events and venues. The acquisition of both Reliance Risk products, RiskSense101 and VRM360, gave Ungerboeck the power to offer a valuable new solution to make risk assessment simple for venues and event organizers.

Momentus Technologies
January 2023

Ungerboeck Unveils Name Change to Momentus

The rebrand to Momentus Technologies marked a major evolution in our company’s history. It helped unify recent brand acquisitions and solutions under one vision to meet the dynamically changing needs of the venue and event management industry. The Momentus name and branding harkens back to Ungerboeck’s legacy, while also evoking huge, impactful occasions and events. 

April 2023

Momentus Acquires WeTrack

The company acquires WeTrack, a rapidly growing leader in sustainability, project management, incident tracking and control room software based in London, UK. By combining Momentus resources and expertise with those of WeTrack, we are able to deliver even greater value to our customers.

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