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Venue and Event Management Software

Manage All Events on One Platform

Simplify your tech stack with the Momentus Platform — designed to manage complex events at conference centers, casinos, fairgrounds and more — and assist event organizers at exhibitions, parks and rec and city councils.

The world’s greatest venues and organizations trust Momentus

one suite of solutions
The Momentus Platform

One Integrated Suite of Solutions

A powerful, end-to-end cloud platform with fully-integrated CRM, event management, accounting, reporting and modern web portals for space booking, event planning, catering and payments all in one place.

Technology That Is Purpose-Built for Your Venue

Seamlessly access all the data and resources you need to manage your venue spaces and event operations on one powerful, intuitive end-to-end platform.

Conference Center
Event Management Software

Drive growth and event efficiency with the Momentus Platform the global leader in conference center venue and event management software.

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Casino Resorts & Hotels
Event Management Software

Centralize event schedules and streamline complex operations at your casino, resort and event spaces with the Momentus Platform.

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Event Management Software

Improve operational efficiency and bolster your fairground’s bottom line on the Momentus Platform tracking revenue, expenses, event operation and generating insightful dashboards and reports.

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Exhibition Organizer
Event Management Software

Modernize your exhibition and trade show event operations on the Momentus Platform with an integrated CRM, trade show floor plan, exhibition sales, exhibitor portal, show management, contracts, invoices, payment processing and much more.

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Government & Council
Event Management Software

Access a secure and scalable community facility online booking system with the Momentus Platform that will transform your event processes, improve your operations and empower your community.

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Sales, Conference Planning and Operations

  • Sales and CRM: Streamline your sales funnel using a CRM built for selling events at conference centers. Easily manage customer accounts, contacts, RFPs, documents, proposals, contracts and emails.
  • Event Planning: The Momentus Event Portal is a convenient way for your staff and customers to share event plans, documents, schedules, review tasks and more no more planning events by sifting through emails and attachments.
  • Catering: Digitally transform your catering operations with advanced booking, menu and delivery management all connected on one platform with easy-to-use accounting and reporting tools.

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Maximize Revenue

  • Event Management: Harness the power of the Momentus Platform to simplify and automate event planning and operations. With intuitive tools and an integrated system, ensure seamless coordination, enhanced efficiency and an elevated guest experience every time.
  • Space Booking: Showcase all your event spaces online and empower customers to search and filter based on size, price, number of attendees, event date and more. Upload pictures and floorplans so customers can easily visualize their options.
  • Reports and Dashboards: With the Momentus Platform, all your data is in one place and advanced reports and dashboards are automatically generated to provide insights into your casino events business to optimize operations and maximize growth.

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Booking, Accounting and Vendor Management

  • Fair Vendor Management: Transform your fair vendor management process and bring it online from the application process, contract and document management, booth preference and placement and ordering of services.
  • Accounting: Unify your revenue and expense management systems with the Momentus Platform, and fully integrate your booking, fair operations and accounting data into one system.
  • Exhibitor and Entries Management: ShoWorks, a complementary software application to the Momentus Platform, is the most powerful exhibitor and entries management system available and currently serves over 1,000 state and county fairs. Hundreds of time-saving features make it easy to process registration, judging, payouts and auctions for all types of entries, from creative and home arts to media, livestock and more. Learn more by visiting

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Exhibition Sales, Floor Plan and Services

  • Exhibition Sales: The Momentus Platform CRM supports floor and booth space sales, sponsorships and advertising and is one of the many reasons the largest exhibition corporations rely on Momentus.
  • Exhibition Floor Plan: Import, design and sell booths in exhibition floor plan a modern web-based solution. Show organizers can manipulate floor plans on their own and easily access their orders, invoices and contracts directly from the floor plan.
  • Exhibitor Portal: Online portal that serves as a single point of access to manage communication with exhibitors. Exhibitors can apply for booth spaces, make payments, purchase sponsorships, upload documents and logos, order services and badges, and much more from a centralized location. 

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Local Government Software

  • Simplified Online Bookings: Empower citizens to check availability and make bookings in their own time — even outside of business hours — for a smoother booking journey.
  • Increase Venue Occupancy: Encourage your community to utilize community spaces and facilities for multi-day and recurring community group meetings, fitness classes, sports competitions and more.
  • Improve Efficiency: Bring departments together with a single source of truth and simultaneously reduce booking conflicts. Improve operational efficiency by giving access to key event details to your staff while working on the go.

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You’re In Good Company

We have the most incredible customers based in 57 countries around the world. Every venue is unique, but every venue is passionate about bringing extraordinary experiences to life.

We needed a best-in-class solution that could streamline operations, delivery, finances, and optimize our online customer journey. Momentus was the only provider that checked all our boxes, and now nearly 90% of our tech stack is Momentus.

Mark Velders
Project Manager for IT, Jaarbeurs

of Jaarbeurs tech stack is on the Momentus Platform, consolidating 20 operations and financial systems into one.

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Our staff and customers can see our live availability from our bookings site, so they can search for their preferred venues and dates or find alternatives in a few simple clicks, which has helped to increase occupancy by 48%.

Ko Awatea Centre Management Team

Customers can see live availability from bookings site, which helped increase occupancy by 48%.

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With a lot of duplication of efforts across the venue teams, the challenge was to unify everything onto one system, and the team has quickly embraced the new processes on the Momentus platform and gained the benefits from doing so.

Jo Parton
Momentus Administrator, Southwater Event Group

We have worked with Momentus for many years and watched their platform evolve. Their system is unique and has tremendous capabilities that span the various business units of our organization. The support and services teams are always able to provide ...

Saint Louis Art Museum

Ready to Become Momentus?

A powerful, end-to-end venue and event management platform that empowers organizations to create extraordinary moments.

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