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Momentus Platform for Exhibition Management Webinar

Watch and learn how to modernise your exhibition and trade show operations on the Momentus Platform.

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Revolutionise Exhibitions with an Intuitive Solution  

Looking for the right platform to supercharge your exhibition and trade show event management? In this on-demand webinar, explore the Momentus Platform: an intuitive and purpose-built solution for seamless event management.

In addition, hear from Daniel Sahlberg, CEO of Caravan Industry Victoria, as he details how the Momentus Platform has helped improve their exhibition management activities. 

The webinar includes: 

  • An introduction to the Momentus Platform. 
  • A demonstration of how the Momentus Platform simplifies event and venue operations with an integrated CRM, exhibitor portal, payment processing and more.
  • A Q&A session with a Momentus customer.

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