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Momentus Platform for Corporations Webinar

Watch and learn how leading companies are improving employee workplace experiences with the Momentus Platform.

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Create a Destination Workplace With a Purpose-Built Event Management Solution

A premium workplace experience starts with the right event software. Find out how the Momentus Platform can drive business growth by streamlining processes and providing a centralized view of all corporate events to enable data-driven decisions in this hour-long webinar.

In addition to our platform demo, hear from Natasha Mytnowych, Director of Broadcast & Event Services at Sun Life, on how the Momentus Platform has solved operational inefficiencies with event workflow automation across multiple corporate campuses. 

This webinar includes: 

  • An introduction to the Momentus Platform. 
  • A demonstration of how the Momentus Platform streamlines event operations to facilitate strategic decision-making and boost productivity.
  • A Q&A session with a Momentus customer.

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