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Ungerboeck is now Momentus Technologies.

Convention and Exhibition Center Software

Discover how to make a positive economic impact in your community, improve sustainability and provide extraordinary event experiences with Momentus.

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Improve communication, visibility and forecasting with our industry-leading convention and exhibition center software.

Drive Revenue Growth

Easily forecast event requirements to ensure you are not under or overutilizing costly resources.

Transform Customer Service

Empower your customers with self-service options — online document sharing, task lists, payments and more.

Maximize Safety and Security

Centralize venue activity in one place and easily share with staff, contractors, police, EMS and more.

Achieve Real-time Availability

Accurate, centralized and real-time venue availability reduces risk of conflicting bookings.

Optimize Operations

CRM, ERP and exhibitor services designed for convention center operations.

Access Business Reports

Quick creation of business intelligence reports to aid with pipeline building and increased number of bookings.

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Securing Talent for Your Convention Center With Digitization

Read this e-book to find out how the right strategy and technologies can provide opportunities to attract top talent, drive efficiency and add value to your convention center.

Give your employees and business partners what they need to be successful — one source of truth.

Join the ExCeL London, New Zealand International Convention Centre, Orange County Convention Center and several hundred more who rely on us to maximize space utilization, increase revenue and attain high levels of service.

End-to-end convention & exhibition center software

  • Exhibitor services
  • Event management
  • Calendaring
  • Order processing
  • Sales and CRM
  • Financials and Reporting

Our forecasting was enhanced, and data is easily shared between sales and operations with Momentus.

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