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October 31, 2023

Unlock Workplace Success: 10 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Corporate Event Management Software

The global transformation in workplace dynamics has brought about fresh perspectives on corporate real estate. Companies are now turning to technology as a means to enhance efficiency and optimize the utilization of their property portfolios. In a recent Forbes article the author noted, “The only way to make good decisions for the continuously evolving future workplace comes down to having appropriate, accurate and actionable information about which of your facilities are more important than others.” 

Obtaining this accurate and actionable information won’t be possible without corporate event management software. Meetings and events play a pivotal role in the success of any business. Whether it's nurturing high-performing teams, nurturing a thriving company culture, building strong customer relationships, or enticing staff to return to the office, your office space forms the cornerstone of your event's triumph. By reimagining the way employees perceive and utilize office spaces, it becomes possible to boost workplace engagement, rejuvenate team collaboration, and foster alignment on key company objectives, ultimately driving growth. 

Since events play such an important role in overall business strategy, the spaces that hold them should be carefully managed and maintained so that employees can easily use them to drive business forward. Corporate event management software takes everything from booking and catering to financials and reporting and centralizes it into one, self-serve platform that employees can use to plan their own events. 

Let’s examine the benefits of corporate event management software. 

10 compelling reasons why your organization should invest in corporate event management software

1. Deliver better business outcomes  

By utilizing purpose-built corporate event management software, you can improve visibility, increase utilization, gain greater insights, boost employee morale and nurture relationships with your staff and stakeholders to help your business succeed. 

2. Obtain venue occupancy insights  

By managing your corporate office campus and meeting spaces within one centralized system, you can capture and analyze venue occupancy data that tells you where to invest your time, effort and budget such as which conference rooms are out of inventory or need renovations. 

3. Nurture productive relationships  

Hosting customers and stakeholders are a motivator for holding events. By utilizing corporate event management software, you can rest assured that your chosen space is big enough to accommodate all attendees, necessary equipment is available, installed and working, alongside ensuring your catering order is complete and delivered on time. 

4. Maximize employee engagement  

A well-managed office can be more than just a workplace. Events, meetings and other activities like team building sessions and celebrations play a vital role in transforming offices into destination workplaces. Staff who feel engaged at work are more likely to attend the office in-person. 

5. Simplify catering interactions  

Complimentary food, beverages and snacks at events is always considered a perk, but coordinating food with the caterer can sometimes be an inefficient process. Instead, use corporate event management software to simplify food and beverage ordering for meetings and events to delight your staff and stakeholders. 

6. Improve staff time management  

Corporate event management software prevents event documents and information from being duplicated, misplaced or misunderstood, which helps your event planners save time behind the computer and more time offering enhanced hospitality experiences to employees that are meeting. 

7. Streamline your event operations processes  

Using corporate event management software, you can implement a self-serve online bookings portal so staff can check meeting space availability with room capacities, order catering services and equipment, and complete secure payment transactions. 

8. Limit back-and-forth communication  

All parties involved in the event planning process can easily share documents, review tasks, schedules and messages in one spot with corporate event management software. This eliminates the back-and-forth use of phone calls, emails and spreadsheets. 

9. Improve meeting space visibility  

Real-time meeting space availability means that all staff, event planners and corporate facility managers can check when a space is vacant to avoid booking conflicts. Having specific targeted calendars for visibility and booking allows your teams to be equipped with the information they need to review and make bookings with accurate data integrity. 

10. Decrease business risk  

Harnessing data and workplace intelligence will show an organization where they need to invest their efforts. Exposing utilization and non-utilization gives the team insight into where resources are being allocated and highlighting any risk review needing to take place. 

Upgrade manual processes with corporate event management software 

Sure, spreadsheets still have their place in the office. Phone calls and email chains between parties to reserve spaces and arrange catering will never completely go away. However, adopting corporate event management software to help automate much of these tasks is the most efficient and effective thing to do. 

For example, imagine a self-serve online space booking portal where employees can look up and reserve available rooms themselves. You can also order catering services, check equipment availability, see room capacity, and complete secure payment transactions without ever leaving the portal – and without making any calls or sending any emails.

Online space booking is just the beginning of what a purpose-built corporate event management platform can do. Other key features include: 

  • Online booking calendar: With an online booking calendar, employees can access event functions, orders and employee records. Custom views can be saved according to location, department or roles. 
  • Reporting tools: Capture and analyze data that can help you improve the organization’s event experience. See in-depth information about space utilization trends and resource tracking on full-color dashboards that are easy to interpret. Run one-off ad hoc reports to find the answer to a specific business question. 
  • Centralized communication: Employees can use the software as an up-to-the-minute communication hub where the latest details related to office space are stored. Tasks can be assigned, questions can be answered and everyone is always on the same page. 
  • Inventory management: Never be without the equipment you need for your meeting or event with advanced forecasting tools and real-time inventory checks for all locations across your organization.

Add corporate event management software to your 2024 tech stack 

The Momentus Platform for venue and event management offers all these features and more. Companies trying to embrace the future of work will benefit from our powerful, intuitive software that enables employees to make their own meeting arrangements.  

Understanding the evolving role of the physical office and efficiently managing the shared spaces is essential to the health of your organization. Using corporate event management software can help you adapt to modern times and keep your employees happy no matter where they spend their workday. When employees planning an event have access to tools that offer a better booking experience, it makes them more likely to use it. 

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