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January 3, 2024

Revolutionizing Event and Venue Management: Event Trends for 2024

Five trends the venue and event management industry will see this year

With the resurgence of in-person events continuing in 2024, venue and event management leaders are looking for a fresh perspective on how their organization can increase efficiency, streamline processes and deliver memorable experiences for attendees. 

As we begin a new year, venues of all shapes and sizes including stadiums and arenas, convention centers, arts and culture organizations, higher education campuses, corporations, casino hotels and resorts and more are responding to industry trends with innovative strategies to ensure success of their large-scale events. 

In this blog, we identify the top five pivotal event trends shaping the future of venue and event management in 2024.  

1. A emphasis on technological integration

Event teams often face challenges coordinating because they utilize manual processes or mismatched tech tools, leading to a lack of shared information. This year, venue and events teams are evaluating their existing processes and considering opportunities to utilize technology to improve efficiency and productivity of event staff.  

A specialized digital tool can link up with various systems like PMS, POS, CMS, and marketing tools, providing a one-stop place for everyone to see event details, operational info and performance stats. This means operational accounts, sales teams and others can all log in to one system to view what they need, making it easier to understand profits and big-picture data without juggling multiple tools. 

For stadiums and arenas, this technology integration trend takes center stage. Using integrated systems to help minimize queues, provide accessible information including digital signage and even highlight loyal fans drastically enhances the game day experience.  

2. An increased focus on sustainability

The importance of sustainability is at the forefront of venue and event management leaders’ minds in 2024. Lacking a collective repository for sustainability data can create issues when organizations attempt to track their green initiatives. This year, venues are considering tools to pursue better sustainability practices and set targets for meeting environmental, legacy, corporate social responsibility, equality and diversity and human rights goals. 

On corporate campuses, this sustainability trend is becoming increasingly evident. Buildings are designed or retrofitted to be more energy-efficient, waste management systems are more sophisticated, and the overall carbon footprint is significantly reduced. This contributes to a healthier planet and builds a positive brand image, attracting employees and visitors who value environmental responsibility. Why not make sustainability easier to track?

3. A deeper dive into venue versatility

Dynamic space utilization is revolutionizing how venues are used, turning them into multifunctional spaces capable of hosting a diverse array of events. This year, venue and event management leaders are focused on maximizing space and streamlining event management processes with digital tools that can provide detailed insights into space usage and availability.   

For convention centers, this means an ability to host everything from large-scale conferences to smaller, more intimate gatherings. An end-to-end platform can help event teams manage convention spaces efficiently, ensuring that every inch of the venue is utilized to its fullest potential, thus maximizing revenue and enhancing the visitor experience.

4. A commitment to elevating safety standards

In 2024, venues are prioritizing safety and security of all attendees and staff. Doing so not only enhances the reputation of the venue but also ensures a swift and effective response in case of emergencies. Many responsible organizations are vetting critical incident management software that allows event teams to monitor situations in real-time, coordinate rapid responses and meticulously document incidents. 

For higher education campuses, this focus on safety is paramount. Incident management software can help ensure a safer environment for students, faculty and visitors, as well as builds trust and credibility. In an era where safety is more important than ever, having a robust incident management system in place is not just a necessity; it's a responsibility.

5. A reliance on robust data analytics

This year, the trend of using data to dramatically improve event performance is at the forefront. Event management platforms are transforming how venues understand and engage with their audience through the power of data analytics, and the data is readily accessible with a centralized, digital tool. 

For performing arts centers, this means a revolution in the way performances are curated and presented. By analyzing attendee preferences and behaviors, these venues can tailor their shows and programs to meet the specific tastes and interests of their audience. This level of personalization ensures that every visit is a unique, memorable experience, fostering a deeper connection with the arts and encouraging repeat visits. 

The future is now 

As we venture deeper into 2024, the synergy between these transformative trends and the capabilities of venue and event management software is not just setting a new standard; it's redefining the event and venue management industry. 

This year, venues across the globe are identifying tools to not only manage large-scale events but to innovate, excel and create a new era of event experiences that are increasingly memorable year after year.  

Venue and event management software 

Momentus is a cloud-native solution purpose-built for event management in all venue types. It’s easy to adopt and implement; it is event agnostic, allowing organizers to streamline user adoption and begin driving real value from their events quickly. The more event leaders use Momentus, the more they can improve their events and build a stronger, more effective event strategy.  

Watch an on-demand webinar of the Momentus Platform for your industry here. 



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