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February 28, 2024

Momentus Technologies Introduces Prime: Elevating Venue and Event Management Capabilities for SMBs

New purpose-built venue and event management software, scaled to meet the needs of small and midsized venues.

[St. Louis, MO, February 28, 2024] Momentus Technologies, a renowned leader in venue and event management SaaS solutions, proudly announces the debut of Momentus Prime, a product tailored explicitly for venues in the small to midsize business (SMB) market. Prime introduces a groundbreaking suite of features, offering SMBs access to cutting-edge technology that has long been the domain of major enterprises, revolutionizing their approach to venue and event management. 

SMB venue and event professionals are frequently tasked with maximizing output while operating within limited resources, as event and venue management inherently involves intricate, time-consuming processes that are further hindered by the inefficiencies of manual methods. 

"Because of our rich history serving venues of all shapes and sizes, we know that those within the SMB space often utilize manual processes and inefficient systems, making it hard to obtain a holistic view of event operations and improve revenue growth,” said Joel Sackett, chief product officer at Momentus. “With Prime, we're introducing a modern user experience with automated workflows, insightful reports and a single source of truth enabling organizations to focus their energy on captivating crowds with unforgettable experiences instead of manual or inefficient workflows.” 

Momentus Prime is a meticulously crafted technology solution that addresses the unique needs of small and midsized venues in the event management sector, with a focus on enhancing efficiency, productivity and revenue generation.  

The comprehensive feature set includes: 

  • Full Visibility: Prime provides SMBs with comprehensive visibility into space availability, booking, inventory and event collaboration, all within a centralized platform. This enables better communication and informed decision-making, critical for successful event execution. 
  • Improved Workflows: By automating manual processes such as space requests and event details entry, Prime frees up valuable time for SMB staff to concentrate on strategic tasks, driving organizational growth. 
  • Revenue Maximization: Prime's advanced calendar boasts robust holds and avails features, empowering SMBs to increase bookings and optimize revenue streams efficiently. 
  • Unified Teams: With a modern, mobile-friendly user interface, Prime fosters seamless collaboration among SMB teams, allowing them to fulfill their duties efficiently, irrespective of their location. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: SMBs can leverage Prime to access a complete view of event timelines and track related activities and functions seamlessly. This streamlines operations and eliminates inefficiencies, enhancing overall productivity. 
  • Robust Reporting: Prime equips SMBs with detailed, intelligent reports and dashboards, offering valuable insights to optimize event planning, resource allocation and staffing decisions. 

"We are thrilled to introduce Prime, our latest SaaS offering tailored specifically for SMBs in the venue and event management industry," said Alex Alexandrov, Chief Executive Officer at Momentus Technologies. "With Prime's cutting-edge technology, SMBs can harness automation, data-driven insights and seamless collaboration to elevate their event management processes and drive business growth." 

Momentus Technologies remains steadfast in its commitment to empower businesses of all sizes with innovative solutions that transform how they manage venues and events. Prime signifies a significant milestone in Momentus' mission to democratize access to advanced venue and event management technology. 

For more information about Momentus Technologies and Prime, please visit

About Momentus Technologies 

Momentus Technologies is a global provider of industry-leading venue and event management solutions that empower organizations to create extraordinary moments. With over 60,000 users in more than 57 countries, Momentus serves the needs of convention and exhibition centers, higher education, corporate venues, stadiums and arenas, and arts and culture centers. Its powerful intuitive platform alongside intelligent data-driven solutions and unparalleled expertise provides customers a view of past, present and future event operations to increase end-to-end visibility, optimize efficiency and achieve business goals. Founded in 1985, Momentus is headquartered in the United States. The company’s employees work across the globe in Momentus offices and remotely. To learn more, visit 


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