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January 23, 2023

Introduction to The Worldwide Innovation Lab

At Momentus Technologies, we are committed to delivering innovative event and venue management solutions to help our customers deliver exceptional event experiences now and in the future. As part of this commitment, we recently launched the Worldwide Innovation Lab (The Lab), which will bring together industry experts from across the globe to explore, test, and scale future-ready solutions for venues and events.

Under the guidance of our Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Mackenzie, The Lab will give venue and event professionals a chance to offer their insights and develop effective technologies, best practice guides, and educational resources to help them address key challenges they face every day. Mackenzie explains, “The Worldwide Innovation Lab is about listening. Listening to our customers, listening to experts, and then taking the time to evaluate their feedback and develop practical solutions to overcome the challenges that they are facing and to help them thrive in the future.”

According to Mackenzie, the global pandemic has changed venues and events forever, and The Lab aims to evaluate the impacts of COVID and to future-proof the industry. He explains, “The world has changed, and this has had an enormous impact on venues and events, especially in terms of risk management protocols and customer expectations surrounding digital services, sustainability, and accessibility.” He continues, “While the industry has done an amazing job at navigating through the pandemic and returning to new normal circumstances, now that restrictions have lifted, it is time we come together to share our experiences and ideas so that we can collectively decide how we can contribute to the ongoing success of our industry.”

What are the Pillars of the Worldwide Innovation Lab?

In this video, Mackenzie explains each of the pillars and his vision for The Lab.

The Lab will focus on three primary pillars:

  1. Developing New Technology in Consultation with Customers & Industry Experts – We recognize the importance of involving key stakeholders in developing effective software, so our purpose-built systems have always been developed in consultation with customers and industry experts. By engaging customers, external experts, and industry partners, The Lab will develop innovative event and venue management solutions that follow best practice principles while responding to advancements in technology and industry trends.
  2. Collaborating with Industry Associations & Partners – In collaboration with industry associations and partners, we will analyze key industry reports and trends and provide critical benchmarks and best practice advice for our customers.
  3. Developing Educational Content for Venues & Events – We will engage thought leaders and experts to develop practical resources and educational content to help our customers, and the industry in general, overcome key challenges, including sustainability, diversity, accessibility, risk management, automation, virtual reality and more.

How Will It Work?

Once The Lab members have been appointed, there will be regular communications to discuss key industry trends and topics. In addition, Momentus will capture feedback from external experts and Momentus users to contribute to Lab discussions. This feedback will be used to inform a product development roadmap.

Momentus will share The Innovation Lab’s product roadmap and regular progress updates. These updates will be shared not only with Momentus customers but also the wider venues and events community so that all relevant parties are informed about new products and services as they become available.

How Can Venue & Event Professionals Get Involved in The Lab?

Since its launch in October 2022, venue and event professionals across the globe have registered their interest and excitement in The Lab, and we have begun reviewing applications. The goal is to involve a wide range of customers and experts who can contribute different ideas to drive true innovation. Mackenzie explains, “We’re aiming at involving representatives from different venues and geographies, and with different skill sets so that The Lab will benefit from different perspectives to drive the industry forward and deliver better and more innovative event and venue management solutions.”

In addition to the main Lab covering generic functionality and resources that are transferable across all industries and regions, The Lab will also have dedicated regional groups to cater to specific markets. Mackensie explains, “We will have several separate “subgroups” reflecting geographic and market segment needs. For example, we will have groups focused on the market segment of higher education, and other groups for segments like convention centers, stadia and arena, performing arts centers and so on. And within these there will likely be regional subsets too”

Click here for more information about this initiative or email to register your interest in joining The Lab.

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