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Ungerboeck is now Momentus Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our new brand comes changes, but we’ll ensure you’re always informed. We’ve collected some answers to questions you may have below.

We suggest you read our blog post that will give you the entire story behind the rebrand decision and journey. Here is the synopsis: 

At Ungerboeck, with over three decades of expertise, we’ve had ambitious goals to innovate, improve and adapt. In the past two years we have made four acquisitions—EventBooking, Priava, Showorks and Risk Manager—and have expanded our global reach, portfolio of brilliant people, modern technology and science-backed solutions. It is important that our brand represents what we’ve become since we started on this path. 

We’re all now unified under Momentus Technologies and will work together as one team to provide our customers with the best solutions for venue and event management. 

Why Momentus Technologies?

  • Momentus evokes huge, impactful occasions and events.
  • Momentus speaks to the positive and lasting impact that gathering to learn and share together can have on our lives.
  • The alternate spelling of “momentous” feels modern, and Momentus harkens to the extraordinary events that are possible with the right technology.
  • Momentus introduces a renewed energy and passion for the venue industry.
  • The name positions the brand as an “umbrella,” focusing the way products are developed, marketed and sold within it.
  • Keeping the Ungerboeck blue creates a connection to the legacy that the brand has carried for decades.

As for the new logo, the brand mark is a stylized asterisk, and each section tells a larger story about the brand. Alone, each V shape symbolizes the many different details that must come together to put on an event. The intersecting lines meet in the middle to show one centralized platform where they come together.

Multiple V shapes create an arrow, showing the direction of movement toward the one platform. Together, the shapes convey energy and excitement and form a mark that represents all the things that power extraordinary events.

Although we have a new look and feel that realigns our identity with the way we do business, we remain the same dedicated team striving to help our customers create momentous events.

What will change: Our email addresses will update to the new domain on January 30; our technology ecosystem will have a new look and feel, including updates and color palette changes; and we have a new website at

In the next couple of months, all our business documents will be issued under the new name. This may include, but isn’t limited to, invoices, contracts and RFP responses/proposals/tenders.  Here is what the rebrand will NOT impact: Our people or our platform, our commitments to you, our customer-driven approach, and contracts. Anything that we’ve previously committed to you as a service will not be impacted by this rebrand. Contracts will be updated with the new name as they come up for renewal.

No. You will continue to be supported by your current contact; however, their email address will be updated to reflect the new name and you should update your records to reflect this. We recommend you add our new domain——to your contact list so we can continue to stay in touch.

We’ve sent communications to all accounts department contacts registered with us to inform them of our name change.

Please visit our solutions page to help you understand that we are still offering the same great products and services and the same great customer service but with greater clarity on the value we deliver with a new name! You will still have access to the same solutions—with more to come.

While the branding exercises undertaken have provided insight into opportunities for product and service architecture alignment, this rebrand focuses on corporate visuals and messaging.

Over the course of the year, the user interface of some platforms will be updated to reflect the Momentus brand. You will notice some user interface enhancements alongside the new brand look and feel. 

No, all log-in/sign-in information will be the same. 

You can visit us at

Of course! Our existing social media pages will be updated to reflect the new name—look out for notifications on those channels. If you haven’t already connected, you can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.