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Ungerboeck is now Momentus Technologies.

Corporate Event Management Software

See how Momentus cloud-based platform transforms space and event management for modern corporate campuses to offer employees premium hospitality workplace experiences.

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One digital platform for employees to book spaces and request event services.

Improve Workflows

Replace manual processes with automated workflows for booking spaces, catering requests and more.

Increase Efficiency

Unify corporate employees and service contractors onto one platform to manage simple and complex events.

Improve Productivity

Encourage employees to collaborate on campus with easy-to-use online space reservations and online catering orders.

Streamline Catering

Create a collaborative canvas with your foodservice provider to provide real-time information sharing and avoid sifting through emails and event plans.

One Calendar

Manage all corporate spaces and events from one campus-wide calendar to improve visibility and efficiency.

Customize Reports

Quickly generate detailed reports to improve operational visibility and accountability.

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Future of Work: Optimizing a Holistic Workplace Experience

Access this e-book to find out how a new, unified approach to corporate event management can contribute to better outcomes for all employees, leaders and stakeholders associated with all varieties of onsite activities.

Create delightful workplace experiences for employees with Momentus.

Join Nike, Microsoft, Google and more who rely on us to efficiently manage their corporate campus facilities and strengthen their workplace culture.

End-to-end corporate event management software.

  • Online reservations
  • Catering e-commerce
  • Event portal
  • CRM
  • Event operations
  • Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Room layouts management

Our business is unique in that we manage our facility services and event space for internal and external stakeholders. Momentus understood our needs and worked with us to design the system and execute the project.”

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company